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Airport Pickup

Image by Phuoc Anh Dang

Hyatt Regency Phoenix, the venue of this summer meeting, is about 6 miles away from the airport. So the average price of an Uber ride from the airport to the hotel is around $23.00 - $36.00. However, if you want to avoid the trouble of finding a car when you arrive, we have also planned a shuttle service for you as another option to take you from the airport to the hotel.


Whether you're flying to summer camp or driving yourself, you can sign up for this service we've got for you. The cost of the service depends on how many people use the service. The more people use the service, the more efficient arrangements we can make and the lower the cost. Our principle is that the cost of this service must be at least lower than that of other means of transportation but more convenient to use for our arrangement to be meaningful. Therefore, after the number of people is determined, we can make appropriate arrangements and confirm the final cost with you.

Guests who come to the summer meeting by car, if you don’t want to park your car in the parking lot of the Hyatt hotel (valet parking for $29 per night), you can choose to park at the parking lot near the airport that we will help you suggest. The long-term parking prices of these parking lots are more economical than those in other places, and they all provide free airport shuttle services. You can park your car in their parking lot, take their shuttle bus to Terminal 4 of Sky Harbor Airport, and then take our shuttle bus to the hotel.


​This service is only designed and arranged for the arrival of guests.  As for the return journey, because the return time of the guests is different, some guests are in post meeting tour  (2-day tour or 5-day tour), and some are only attending the meeting, so it is not easy to arrange the shuttle. In addition, there are guests who take part in the tour. After the tour, our tour bus will take the guests to the airport to get off. So there is no special arrangement for the service to the airport. Therefore, there is currently no plan to arrange a return shuttle bus.

Guests who have signed up for the summer camp, if you need to be picked up at the airport, please click here to register.

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