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Hyatt Regency Phoenix

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6/30  3:00 PM


Hyatt Regency Phoenix


7/1 - 7/2

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TSMC / AZ Attractions

7/3-4 or 7/3-7

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2023 Taiwanese American Conference-West Coast will be held in Phoenix

    After being suspended for three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to announce that the Taiwanese American Conference-West Coast (TAC-WC) will be held in Hyatt Regency downtown Phoenix, Arizona, from July 1 to July 2, 2023. We are excited to let you know that the Taiwanese Association of America (TAA) will co-sponsor this conference.

    In the years passed, the world has experienced a great deal of changes. One of the key changes is in realizing the importance of protecting core technology and manufacturing. Taiwan, as an island country that produces over 90% of the world high-end chips and located near China, inevitably attracts unprecedented international security attention.

    In May 2020, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world leading semiconductor manufacturer from Taiwan, first announced plans to build a US $12-billion dollar fab in Phoenix on a 1,100-acre site to make 5-nanometer chips by 2024. Late last year, it added another plan to build a fab which produces 3-nanometer chips by 2026, bringing up the total investment to over US$40 billion. When complete, the two fabs would produce more than 600,000 wafers per year, employing 4,500 permanent workers while creating 21,000 construction jobs. It is estimated that at least 40 up-stream and down-stream companies will also locate nearby, bringing thousands more jobs. This has made Phoenix, Arizona the first city in North America where all facets of life converge between the Taiwanese and US communities in areas such as technology, business, academic, people and culture alike. Consequently, we defined “Taiwan Rising, Friendshoring the US” as the theme for this year’s TAC-WC event. We will invite local and Taiwan’s government officials, along with our accomplished fellow Taiwanese experts in their respective areas to speak on the current state, outlook, and opportunities on matters related to our theme.

    After the 2-day intensive conference, we will offer you two relaxing and informative tour packages for you to choose from, depending on your time availability.

  • For people running a tight ship, you still don’t want to miss the 2-day package which will take you to the magnificent mega-factory built by the world leader TSMC. Then we will take you up-north to experience the diverse range of natural beauty such as canyons, forests, and mountains in places including Sedona, and Flagstaff.

  • If you can afford to spend more time, then the 5-day package is the one for you. On top of what we offer in the 2-day package, we’ll take you further up north to experience Arizona’s spectacular and mysterious landscapes, including, but not limited to Sedona, Petrified Forest, Arches NP/Moab, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Antelope Valley, Horseshoe Band and Grand Canyon.

    TSMC took a big step to come to invest in Phoenix Arizona.  We wholeheartedly invite you to take your small step to come to the Phoenix Conference and witness all the good things happening between Taiwan and the US here in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Valley of the Sun will make Taiwan and us all shine.


Ruey Yu 吳玟瑞 : Chairperson of the Board of Directors for TAC-WC


Kueiling Chen 陳桂鈴 : President of Taiwanese Association of America

John  Yu 余金榜:  President of North American Taiwanese Engineers Association

2023 TAC - WC Technical Program Committee member

Board Members of the Board of directors for TAC-WC:

John Chow 周昭亮 (Seattle)
Jim Chang 張正邦 (San Francisco)
James Hsu 許正餘 (San Diego)
Ken Wu 吳兆峯 (Los Angeles)

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