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Meeting, Tour, Lodging, and Transportation 

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More about the conference


  • Conference- The conference starts on night of 6/30 after checking in. To see a list of programs we provide to you see here

  • Tour - There are two tour groups to choose from, a two-day tour and a five-day tour. Both groups will leave around 8:00 am and get you back to Phoenix by 11:00 am on the last day of the tour to leave you enough time to travel back your home. For tour itinerary, check here  

  • About Post-Conference Tour

    • Meetings and tour are bundled together. When booking a meeting, you have the option to take a post-meeting tour. All tour packages have limited seats. If you are planning to take a tour, we recommend that you book your conference early to secure a seat for the tour. When all seats are filled, you will be placed in the waiting list

  • Lodging

    • During the 3 nights from 6/30 to 7/2, we have negotiated with the Hyatt Regency Phoenix to provide 140 rooms at a discount rate of $129 (excluding tax) per night for double occupancy. Clink here to start booking.

    • To avoid paying more than this price for your stay, please book your room early.  In case the Hyatt room is full when you make a reservation, here is a list of nearby lodging options for your considerations.

  • Transportation 

    • You can go to your favorite travel website or travel agency to book a flight or rent a car. If you plan to rent a car, Hyatt self-parking is discounted 25% if charged to the room.  The standard rate is $30/night so with your discount it would be $22.50/night.  Valet parking is also available but is not discounted. The rate for valet is $40/night. The other option is that you park your vehicle at the parking lot near the airport we will recommend to you to get a cheaper long-term parking deal. ​​

  • About mail-in registration

    • ​We do not recommend using mail registration as there are more work and error-prone and your form and check may be delayed or get lost in the mail. But if that’s the only feasible way for you,  you can click the PDF file beload to download the registration form and follow these steps:

      • Print and complete the downloaded paper registration form. Make sure you write all the required information and they are legible

      • Make a check payable to: “Taiwanese American Conference - West Coast” with the correct $ amount

      • Mail the form with the check to: Mrs. Su Ling Ho,   2161 E Iris Dr., Chandler AZ 85286

      • Because the arrival time of the mail cannot be predictable, we cannot guarantee whether by the time we receive it the tour option you choose will be still available. If this happens, we will notify you by email

      • Estimated processing time for mail registration is one week. We'll notify you by email once your registration completed successfully

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